3 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Watch

Somehow the number of people wearing watches seems to be declining steadily. The main reason for that is probably that everybody has a mobile phone which basically provides the same info a watch would while also being able to do so much more. So why bother? Why should you wear a watch while your mobile phone sits in your pocket and could show you the time in a matter of seconds?

Not Just A Watch, An Accessory
Most of you probably try daily to look your best whenever you’re leaving the house. Accessories really round off your outfits. Could you imagine leaving the house without your sunglasses on a sunny day? Why are you wearing a belt when your jeans fit you perfectly and you really don’t need it? Well, you like the look of it. The same thing applies to watches as accessories. Let’s face it: Your arms look kind of naked when you’re just casually wearing a shirt. Now you could go for a bracelet of some kind, or you could do what people have done for decades which is wearing a watch at their wrist that compliments their outfit.

How late is it? Let me just whip out my phone!
Acceptable in certain situations, unacceptable in other situations, forbidden in some situations. It’s always important to know what time it is. Whether it’s a date you need to pick up, the question when this boring meeting will finally be over, or how long you can still attempt to ace that exam you’re writing. Now in the first example there’s nothing wrong with looking on your phone to make sure you’re on time. (Please always be on time.) That’s probably frowned upon during your important business meeting though and during most exams it’s simply not allowed. I don’t have to point your nose on why a watch might be a good idea in some of these scenarios.

There’s No Reason Not To
You might think this a stupid reason to advocate something, but it’s true nevertheless. Wearing a watch on your wrist simply has no drawbacks. You get the numerous advantages, but there’s not a single reason not to wear one. They’re not (all) expensive, they’re not a hassle to put on, they won’t cause anyone to dislike you.

Wear a watch. It’s cool, it’s stylish, it’s useful.

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