Basic Sports Betting Guide – Part 3

Basic Sports Betting Guide – Part 3


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Stay Away From Tipsters

Most of the people who bet on sports have been at this point. You had a massive losing streak and lost a big chunk of your bankroll. Now you start to question yourself and your bets. Do I place the wrong bets? Am I being careless with the research of my bets? Maybe always betting on the favorite isn’t the right strategy? Do I even know what I’m doing here?

That’s exactly the point where you try to look for people who may know more about making money with sports betting than you do. You look for tipsters.

When dealing with the topic of tipsters you have to understand that there are two types of them.

Premium Tipsters

There are the so-called “premium tipster” which all claim to be highly profitable with yields above 10%. These people will ask for a fee because you can get access to their tips. The problem is that most of them don’t provide any actual stats on their betting success. Even if they do, how can you be sure that these stats weren’t altered to make them look better for potential customers? That’s right, you can’t be sure.

Sports Betting

If you want to try a premium tipster service nevertheless you have to realize that it won’t make you any money if your stakes are really low. Let’s say you have a bankroll of 100€. With the advised 1% stakes, you’re betting 1€ on every bet. If you have to pay 20€ a month for the subscription of the premium tipster, he should be amazing because you just started with -20 units or 20 lost bets in a row. You need to make these 20€ back AND you want some profit to show for your investment at the end of the month. The tipster’s fee doesn’t care about your stakes. You need to do the math yourself to see if it will actually be possible to turn a profit with your stakes and the tipster’s fee.

Paying people for tips is always risky. If you decide to do it though, google the tipster name and find some reviews. If he’s well known there will be some kind of feedback on his service. Beware, there are lots of con artists out there.

Free Tipsters

The second group of tipsters posts their tips for free. Most of them will do it on a Twitter account that links to their website. These tipsters don’t make money with fees but rely on ads on their websites or affiliate programs of bookmakers instead.

Soccer Betting

It’s easier to follow them because they don’t hide their tips behind a paywall, but some of the same problems still apply. Most of them don’t release their (unaltered) stats. It’s also always possible for them to delete losing tips from their Twitter or their website. Again, research is your friend.

Realize that tipster want to make money for themselves, not for you. You are just part of the machinery they need to make that money. Be careful out there and don’t throw your money at people just because they promise they’ll give you winning tips.

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