KeePass – The Future Of Your Password Management

What is KeePass?

KeePass is a digital password manager. It’s basically a software that can open .kdbx (KeePass Database) files in which all of your password are stored. You can move that file like any other file on your computer. A feature that will come in very handy. But a password manager would be pretty bad, if it just stored your passwords in a random file without any protection. That’s where the master password comes into play. That’s the one you want to memorize or note somewhere safe, because without it you won’t get access to the database.

How to use KeePass?

  • Download KeePass
  • Open KeePass
  • Create a database and enter your account details
  • Chose a very strong master password
  • Save your database “in the cloud”

If you want really strong passwords you can let KeePass generate them, but note that you probably won’t be able to memorize them. But that’s not important since you don’t need to do that anyway. Everything is stored within the database.

Adding all your account details might take some time, but believe me when I say that it’s worth it. The first four bullet points above are pretty self-explanatory. The really interesting part is the ability to store your database file in a cloud. You can use services like Dropbox for that. This allows you to access your passwords from any device without memorizing them. Everyone needs safe and secure passwords and KeePass is a great way to help you with that.

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