Know When To Get Your Hair Cut

First off, we’re talking about haircuts for guys here. Sorry ladies.

There’s a time when we think we have found the perfect haircut for us and just want to keep the style up as flawless as possible. That is easier said than done because – who would have thought – our hair is growing constantly.
That leaves us with the question when to cut it off. We want to avoid the freshly-cut-look as long as possible while not letting our hair grow out too long for people to notice that we should visit the barber more often. The magic sweet spot seems to be around three weeks. By that time your hair has grown enough to justify the costs involved in a haircut without it being too long to style after your morning shower. You probably won’t earn weird looks from strangers when you delay your next barber appointment for a week, but why not make it a set routine? Get a haircut, make an appointment three weeks from then and you will never have to worry about the length of your hair again.

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