List Of Useful Websites

Over time the favorite list of my browser turned into a list of useful websites and what better place to share them than here. I will add new websites to the list whenever I find them. Feel free to send us links on Facebook or Twitter!

Codecademy – Learn how to code for free.
bitly – Link shortener.
IsUp.Me – Checks if a website is down for everybody or just you.
Goodreads – The IMDb of books.
Engadget – Gadget reviews and news.
The Wirecutter – Reviews of gadgets and gear.
Hype Machine – Music blog aggregator.
Is There Any Deal – Search for deals for video games.
Reddit – Frontpage of the internet.
TV Tropes – Learn about all the tropes in TV/movies
Stronglifts – Beginner weight lifting program.
Ninite – Bulk install and update free high quality software.
WolframAlpha – Engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.
10 Minute Mail – Disposable email service.
ThatMP3 – Convert YouTube to MP3 with album art and ID3 tags automatically fixed.

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