Recipe: Struwen

Struwen are traditional yeast pancakes from North Rhine Westphalia in Germany. They’re mostly made on Good Friday and because that’s today there would be no better opportunity to share the family recipe with you. This version of Struwen is more like a “Krapfen” and less a pancake.

750g Flour
40g Yeast
65g Butter
65g Sugar
3 Eggs
150g Raisins
125ml Milk (lukewarm)

How To Make
Mix everything together and let the yeast raise. Afterwards beat the dough until it gets bubbles and let it raise again. Now you just have to form little balls with a spoon and fry them in a pot till they look gold-brown. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top of the Struwen when you take them out of the oil and you’re done.

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