Review – Love, Death & Robots – Season 2

The first season of Love, Death & Robots, back in 2019, came out of nowhere for me. I didn’t know it was being made, I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t even know it was an anthology show when I watched the first episode. My decision to watch the show was entirely based on a friend’s recommendation. “It’s a good show, you’re going to like it.” Yeah, he’s not that great at advertising entertainment, but I did like it. The highlights of that season included the two very first episodes, Sonnie’s Edge and Three Robots, and continued strong with episodes like Beyond the Aquila Rift, Helping Hand, and the season finale The Secret War. Most of the not-great episodes in between were at least good, which left me wanting more.

A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy.


Season 2 of Love, Death & Robots with its 8 episodes is more of a mixed bag and if I’m being honest most of the episodes didn’t really do it for me. Sure, the animation is great, the mix of art styles, although taking a step backward from season 1, is still cool, but highlights were somewhat rare. In fact, talking about season 2 I would probably only mention Pop Squad and Snow in the Desert as truly great back-to-back episodes with an honorable mention going to The Drowned Giant as the most out of character one. Everything else was just kind of okay?

Now don’t get me wrong, season 2 wasn’t bad. It just didn’t reach the overall quality of season 1 and the ratio of “hits” of an anthology show compared to its number of episodes is how I would compare the seasons. I really hope there’s going to be a third season or an extension of season 2. Just don’t cancel this one Netflix.

Final verdict: 6/10

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