The Cinema Isn’t A Bad First Date

The general consensus seems to be that going to the cinema on a first date is a terrible idea and I kind of understand that point of view. You have to be quiet for anything between 90 to 180 minutes (looking at you ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) and that’s not really the purpose of a first date. You should get talking and get to know each other and see if it clicks. The trick is not to drive her home directly after the credits start rolling.

So you already took about 5 shots and gathered all the courage you’ve got to ask that beautiful girl to go out with you. Against all odds she actually said yes and you get to go on a date with her. Of course you have to choose the location and the activity because that’s your job. This is the point where thinking “We could go and see a movie” isn’t a terrible idea. First of all ask her if she would be up for it. If she doesn’t like the idea forget your plan and take her to a nice restaurant. If she doesn’t respond with “Ugh, I hate movies and the cinema and both of them on the first date.” you let her choose the movie you’re going to see. That way she’ll either enjoy herself in the cinema or at least can’t blame you for your disgusting taste in movies. (That’s why taking Becky to the see the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre probably wasn’t a good idea.)

On your way out of the cinema is the right time to ask her if she would like to get something to drink or to eat. Talk to her, get to know her and if you ever run out of topics to talk about there isn’t this looming risk of awkward silence and both of you just staring into your drinks because you’ve always got the movie to fall back on.

Closing with a success story: Took my girlfriend out to see The Great Gatsby on out first date. She loved the movie and we talked about it the whole evening.

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