Timely – Android Alarm Clock App

Timely – Android Alarm Clock App

Most people I know use their smartphone as their alarm clock nowadays. And if we’re being honest the standard alarm clock app that comes with every Android smartphone just doesn’t cut it. That brings us to better alternatives and to my personal favorite app in this category: Timely.

Timely offers a well designed gesture-based interface where you can set your alarm by dragging your finger up or down to your desired time. If you just touch the display above or below the shown time you will change it by 5 minutes intervals. You can set multiple different alarms which can be repeated on certain days and which can be turned on and off individually. Furthermore you have the option to enable “Smart Rise” which triggers a gentle melody 30 minutes before your set alarm so you might wake up during a slight sleep cycle.

If you’re a heavy sleeper that has problems getting up in the morning you’re free to enable puzzles to mute the alarm. These puzzles range from simply shaking your phone over solving an easy math problem to drawing a random pattern along dots on your display. Other alarm options include vibration and a multitude of different sounds.

The button that’s probably used most on every alarm clock app is the snooze button. With Timely you can snooze by hitting the button in the middle of the screen. You can choose how long you want your snooze duration to be and if that duration should decrease after touching the snooze button multiple times.

Timely in the Google Play store

In addition to all of that Timely has a built-in timer and a stopwatch. There’s no reason you shouldn’t use Timely over one of the other Android alarm clocks so check it out.

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