The 8 Best Boot Socks you can buy in Europe

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If you have ever worn work boots or any other kind of thick leather boots, your feet likely made you aware of the need for good boot socks rather quickly. They not only keep your feet warm but also provide additional support and cushioning to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day when it’s too cold or rainy outside to wear your trusted sneakers. Let’s take a look at the best boot socks you can buy in Europe.

The best boot socks you can buy in Europe are the Falke TK2, the Smartwool PhD Outdoor Heavy Crew Socks, the Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock, the Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trekker / Bridgedale Hike Midweight Merino Comfort Boot, the Icebreaker Hike+ Medium Crew Sock, the Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker Sock, the Falke Brooklyn Socks, and the Uniqlo Heattech Slub Lined Socks.

Falke TK2

The Falke TK2* are designed as high-comfort trekking socks for light mountain terrain.

Material: 40% Polypropylene, 28% Acrylic, 22% Wool, 9% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

Key features of the Falke TK2 are their moisture-wicking 3-layer construction to keep feet dry and blister free, and the anatomical fit designed with a left and right foot-specific shape, which provides a snug fit and reduces bunching and slipping.

The TK2 are made with a thermoregulating merino wool mix with odor-resistant qualities and provide medium cushioning for stress zone protection and comfort.

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Heavy Crew Socks

The Smartwool PhD Outdoor Heavy Crew* socks are a popular option for those looking for a warm and durable sock for outdoor activities.

Material: 68% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon, 2% Elastane

These heavy cushioned boot socks offer mesh ventilation zones for moisture management and breathability, a “virtually seamless” toe for comfort, and come with Smartwool’s 4 Degree Elite Fit System that is supposed to eliminate sock slippage, bunching, and blisters.

Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock

The Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock* is a high-quality sock, midweight designed for hiking and other outdoor activities that is available in a cushion version and a full cushion version.

Material Cushion: 64% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex

Material Full Cushion: 66% Merino Wool 32% Nylon 2% Lycra Spandex

The cushion version of these socks has terry loops underfoot for rebound and targeted cushioning in the leg to protect against boot lace pressure, while the full cushion version has terry loops throughout the entire sock for warmth, rebound, and comfort.

Darn Tough uses what they call the True Seamless Toe technology for a smooth feel of the toe box and the socks are part of Darn Tough’s Unconditional Guaranteed for Life program: “If these aren’t the longest-lasting socks you’ve ever owned, return them for another pair.”

Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trekker / Bridgedale Hike Midweight Merino Comfort Boot

The Bridgedale Wool Fusion Trekker* is still offered under that name on Amazon and multiple other stores but was actually renamed by Bridgedale to Hike Midweight Merino Comfort Boot.

Material: 27% Merino Wool, 50% Coolmax / polyester, 22% Nylon / polyamide, 1% LYCRA / elastane

These boot-length socks were designed for day hikers and trekkers who walk all year round and offer a comfort fit, moisture management, a flat toe seam, and overfoot ventilation.

The super stretch ribbed cuff provides a looser unrestrictive fit around your calf allowing it to be worn up or down.

Icebreaker Hike+ Medium Crew Socks

The Icebreaker Hike+ Medium Crew Socks* are lightweight, durable, and odor-resistant trail socks designed for maximum comfort and premium fit.

Material: 65% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, 2% LYCRA

Icebreaker describes their Hike+ Medium Crew Socks as ideal for long hikes and multi-day backpacking.

They offer an anatomical toe box for unique left and right fit, a sculptured cushion that maximizes fit and comfort, achilles support that keeps the sock in place, a reinforced heel and toe for durability, ankle and instep support for an enhanced fit and stability, a seamless toe closure to reduce bulk and prevent blisters, and a breathe zone for improved ventilation.

Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker Sock

The Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker Socks are comfortable and durable socks designed for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Material: 62% Merino Wool, 34% Stretch Nylon, 2% Polyester, 2% Spandex

Available in many different colors, the Merino Comfort Hiker is a midweight sock in a mid-crew height that will resist odor, doesn’t shrink or itch, but will also provide a comfortable foot-hugging fit with full cushion padding.

Falke Brooklyn Socks

The Falke Brooklyn Socks* are a stylish and comfortable option for those looking for a versatile boot sock.

Material: 97% Cotton (organic), 2% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

Unlike the other socks on this list, the Falke Brooklyn Socks are made mostly of cotton. The socks are very soft and comfortable but some find them to be a bit too much on the chunky side.

Personally, I somewhat disliked the feeling of the ribbed structure underneath my feet while wearing them in boots. Another drawback is that the cuffs are really loose which makes the socks prone to sliding down your leg. On the plus side, the Falke Brooklyn Socks are probably the most stylish option available. So if you’re going for a look that will show off your socks, they could be a great option.

Uniqlo Heattech Slub Lined Socks

The Uniqlo Heattech Slub Lined Socks are a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly boot sock.

Material: 38% Acrylic, 38% Cotton, 13% Viscose, 9% Polyester, 1% Elastane, 1% Polyamide

These socks are the only real budget option on this list but they are a personal favorite of mine. Uniqlo’s heattech comfort features provide bio-warming, insulating, deodorizing, and anti-microbial comfort features.

The ribbed-style knit from cuff to ankle gives these socks a style accent without being annoying while wearing them in boots.


When it comes to footwear, having the right socks can make all the difference. The 8 boot sock models discussed in this post are all excellent choices for everyone who regularly wears boots and wants a sock that will keep their feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

It’s important to note that the right boot sock for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. For example, if you’re planning on hiking in colder weather, you may want to consider a sock with higher wool content for added warmth. If you have sensitive feet, you may want to look for a sock with extra cushioning in the sole and arch areas.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure your boot socks fit properly. A sock that is too loose or too tight can cause discomfort and even blisters. When trying on boot socks, be sure to walk around in them and test them out to make sure they’re a good fit for you.

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of boot socks, be sure to check out one of these top-rated models.

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